Where? Who? How do you even pronounce that name?

A map and an Appendix of names (with guide to pronounciation) are all on the way. To get things started, here is a short missive from the Black Bard regarding the major points of geography in the Eastern Realms. This will (hopefully) make a nice companion to the forthcoming map.

Strict Rules for Pronunciation

While you are waiting for the official and grandiose Appendix with the ever-so-correct and meticulous details for pronouncing words in aulden, hrummish and underkin, please feel free to refer to this Rule of Rules…

1. Say it how you like it. That’s right. There is only one rule, and it is to say the word(s) in your head however it makes you happy and comfortable to say it without distracting from the story.

Yes, I crafted rules for the languages. Yes, I have very particular thoughts on how words should be pronounced. But you are reading this story, and therefore you are a participant in the story. Since you are sharing these characters, places and things in your head you should make it fun and enjoyable.


Need More Information?

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