“…a fantasy world that is different, familiar, interesting, and fresh.”

Cover art by Mike Nash

In Siege of Daylight: Book One of Light, Dark & Shadow is an epic fantasy with richly developed characters and a strong debut for a promising new series. Calvraign, the hero of the tale, is an apprentice to the king’s bard. His studies are filled with prophecy, romance, mythic enemies, and magic, and he contents himself with such fantasies until the day that he is suddenly called to the capital city. His best friend Callagh, the most skilled huntress in their village, senses something isn’t right with Calvraign’s hasty summons and follows him. Her instincts prove true, as his arrival throws the king’s court into chaos, and the two are abruptly torn from their simple country life and plunged into the real-life version of Calvraign’s tales.

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The Martyr’s Son

Calvraign swallowed a lump of bile that backed up in his throat, his breakfast boiling in reserve. He pursed his lips and exhaled. His face felt suddenly cold, and a shiver went down his spine.

It wasn’t the smell of cooked flesh or fresh blood, or the realization that his own death might soon be charging through that door.

I’m the blade between them and her…

The thought sank into him like an anchor dragging down at his courage.


  • Book 1: In Siege of Daylight (available now)
  • Book 2: The End of Dreams 
  • Book 3: The Shadowyn Court
  • Book 4: The Fifth Devastation

Publishing Status

Book 1: In Siege of Daylight is on sale now.

Book 2: The End of Dreams, coming 2019.


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